Francheska Melendez


Born and raised in Manhattan. Based in Madrid.


I write travel and culture stories throughout the Iberian peninsula.

Monocle Magazine, Sept. 2021
Regional ally

In Galicia, a regular visitor to the small fishing village of Corrubedo has sown the seeds of a quiet revolution. Not only has fêted British architect David Chipperfield reopened and reimagined a neighbourhood bar that had been closed for 20 years, he has also launched a foundation that supports sustainable development in the area.

Konfekt, Autumn 2021
Tenerife turnaround

The largest of the Canary Islands might be best known as a package-holiday destination but it is also home to inspiring modernist architecture and a burgeoning ecological movement showing how visitors, residents, and nature can coexist.

Konfekt, Summer 2021
Where the coast is clear

Poised at the cultural crossroads between Europe and Africa and overlooked by mass tourism, Cadiz has a vibrant arts scene, intriguing culinary offerings and – in keeping with its historic importance as a global port – an openness to new ideas.


Here Press, 2020

Francheska Melendez & Ben Roberts

Amuleto is a conversation between image and text that draws parallels between pandemic, immigrant experience, and the global human rights movement. Francheska assembled the book’s text using her thoughts and memories along with fragments of others’ voices. Ben made the photos in Amuleto during walks through an area bordering Madrid’s Guadarrama Mountains.

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